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Elin’s newspaper article about HSCT

Will use 700000 on treatment in Sweden

Das ist ein Zeitungsartikel, der gestern in der norwegischen Zeitung NRK über Elin Maajeng Jakobsen, eine gute Freundin, die ich in Heidelberg kennenlernte. Sie fängt diese Woche mit der Mobilization in Schweden an. Dieser Artikel wurde von Google translate übersetzt, es gibt einige holprige Stellen. Ich habe aber entschieden, es so zu lassen und habe auch bis jetzt nicht versucht, den Text ins Deutsche übersetzern zu lassen.

(Übrigens, Elin joggte nur für die Kameras 😉 )

This is an article that appeared in yesterday’s Norwegian newspaper, NRK, about Elin Maajeng Jakobsen, a good friend I met in Heidelberg who is starting mobilization this week in Sweden. This was translated from Norwegian by Google translate, that’s why there are some „rough“ parts but I decided to just leave them.

BTW, she only jogged for the cameras 😉

Will use 700 000 on treatment in Sweden

Elin Maageng Jakobsen trener mye (Foto: Henrik Bøe/NRK)Elin Maageng Jakobsen exercise a lot.

Photo: Henrik Boe / NRK

Elin Maageng Jakobsen from Tønsberg has been diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) for ten years. Now she uses hundreds of thousands of dollars on stem cell transplantation in Sweden in order to be healthy.

In Norway, are not offered the treatment that she believes in and will undergo.

Facts about multiple sclerosis, MS

  • Multiple sclerosis, MS, is a chronic, incurable neurological disease that affects the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).
  • The most common symptoms include impaired mobility, poor eyesight, paralysis, and coordination difficulties.
  • MS most commonly affects aged 20-40 years.
  • MS is almost twice as common among women as among men.
  • MS affects different people in different ways.
  • It is very difficult to predict the disease course of MS.
  • MS is not contagious. MS is a nerve disease, not a muscle disorder.
  • We think MS is caused by a combination of different factors.
  • MS is more common in countries with cooler climates such as northern Europe, North America, Canada and in southern parts of Australia.
  • Around 7000 Norwegians have MS, and every year register the between 250 and 300 new cases of the disease.

Elin Maageng Jakobsen believes that her disease can be stopped and perhaps even reversed by stem cell transplantation.

Buyer treatment in Sweden

Wednesday she travels to the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm.

– This is a very intensive treatment, but it has the potential to cure disease and stop and reverse the symptoms, she explains.

The treatment is very expensive and she expects to spend about 700 000 Norwegian kroner to be healthy. She is convinced that she is, and describes details about both the disease and treatment on his own blog on the internet.

If their own stem cells

Stem cell transplantation is a treatment in which she gets back his own stem cells are taken out of her body. She says that she has talked to several doctors, but nobody has given her information about either the treatment or possible outcomes.

She has been told to be careful.

– Persons who have been through a similar treatment and been cured, has described in detail their experiences in blogs on the internet, says Elin Maageng Jakobsen to

– They have described the development and progress and everything is very promising. Everyone is very clear that they would do it again even if old symptoms have not been reversed, she explains. – Something else is stopping it.

– Genetic defects

– MS gene is a genetic defect in the immune system. It is like a „bug“ and it attacks the body, she says and adds:

MS acts like little mice in the house that eats up the insulation in the wires. Then it short-circuits and fuses in the fuse box blows. It also happens with the body. There are problems with the signals and the body obeys not.

Hard chemotherapy

– What I’m going through is to get chemotherapy for knocking down the old immune system completely. When one is very vulnerable and exposed. After a while you get back his own stem cells are taken out before, and these build my immune system up again, says the optimistic Elin Maageng Jakobsen.

She is sure that it’s going to work. She has worked her way up both mentally and physically and has trained a lot.

Wednesday this week she travels to Stockholm. There will be three trips to the Swedish capital.

– First, I will mobilize stem cells, she explains. Then they harvest the stem cells.

15. May she was admitted for chemotherapy and at the end of May, transported her own stem cells back to the body and the immune system can be rebuilt. She hopes to be back in Norway in mid-June.

Exercise a lot

Elin Maageng Jakobsen was diagnosed ten years ago. Council at that time was not to exercise when you had MS. Do not get tired, do not exert themselves.

– When I started working out and had so much fun on the training that I did it anyway, she says

Now is the advice that you should strength train hard when you have MS, she explains.

– I lie that is ten years ahead of today’s treatment. I think what I’m going through is socially correct. That I be allowed to recover rather than just to go and struggle with a disease that I do not know how progresses, she says.

Just being able to keep people at work to avoid social security system is good, she says. Most people who are in the stage she is in now, get medicine that costs a quarter million dollars a year.

– I use their own money to get well, others use the same sums on buying such a mountain cabin, she says the cost of treatment in Sweden.

– I do not know how much money I’m saving my community, but it’s probably a part, she says optimistically.

If she can not stop this now we are talking about sick leave and eventually benefit.

– There is a tremendous savings in this, she says.

Elin Maageng Jakobsen  er i god form (Foto: Henrik Bøe/NRK)Elin Maaeng Jacobsen exercise a lot and is in good shape before treatment in Sweden. So good it’s possible to be, she says.

Photo: Henrik Boe / NRK

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