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„The Messenger“ – Der Bote in English, part two

This is the article about my personal situation and going to Professor Slavin in Israel for HSCT -Again, the weird English comes from Google translate, not me 🙂 Wednesday 25 April 2012

 2012 is going to be my year

Der Bote - 2012 wird mein Jahr

Der Bote - 2012 wird mein Jahr

Melissa Scholz wants, thanks to new treatments to get rid of multiple sclerosis in Israel. She is not nervous or even panic. And when asked if she’s scared says with peace of mind and confidently: „I have do not worry! Fear in not me. “ Melissa Scholz knows that the next perhaps six weeks her best chance to be will this incurable Disease once and for all get rid of. The 47-year-old Halveranerin flies on Sunday to Israel with one in Tel Aviv promising stem cell transplantation treat to leave. „The whole HSCT is: My children this word can have no longer hear, „smiles The American, who has 25 in Germany and in the past 17 years Halver lives: „They are just happy that on Sunday last goes off. „Even though Jennifer Sam and her mother then release it for six weeks need. Melissa Scholz for 15 Years Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It was early 30s, as the disease is diagnosed was. „A shock,“ recalls they are. Still learning they, with the autoimmune disease to live and best to fight it. „This disease is unfortunately becoming a Cornerstone of my life become. I must constantly making admissions and learn, despite the Impairments, the best out of my life . make “ Meanwhile, there is only a matter of time before They will sit in a wheelchair. An insight that they never properly refused to accept. Long live a degenerative Nervous disease suffer need to – „not the Future of the times I came out boldly. I manage it well, a cheerful, positive, open, courageous and strong To remain human, even though my body weaker by the day is, not the does what I want. „Driving they can still – Thanks to automatic transmission. Climbing stairs without railings no longer, and the Run over several hundred Meter functions only still using a walker and Nordic Walking „2012 is my year“ Sticks. In September 2011 they came from Research the Internet to a Blog and discovered that it seems quite a Possibility indicates the To stop MS: Use a stem cell transplant, which, as Melissa Scholz found even more than 600 MSKranken helped has. „I put many questions, and return mail were Answers. “ Simultaneously researched she studies to HSCT for Multiple Sclerosis patients, used at Clinics, contacted People, the successful treated been were. „It was a huge advantage that I can speak English and thanks my father and grandfather Also some medical and scientific I understand. “ On 6 December 2011 actually the first Appointment at the University Hospital Heidelberg, the only previous Hospital in Germany, At the MS-patients with HSCT has been treated are „extremely successful“, like Melissa Scholz found out. She met with the chief physician of the Neuro-Oncology and a Hematologists and got Okay, the longed-for stem cell transplantation. „At night when I return was home, I had to short walk to me: Will I truly voluntary for chemotherapy ? Report The answer: If my future HSCT returns, then yes! “ On the advice of their doctors put them because of their Project their monthly Infusion – a monthly 2460 € expensive drug, the progress slowing of MS – and met at the same time all other preparations for Heidelberg. At the same time noticed they have many symptoms of MS, which the drug previously had slowed. „I were worse off. “ No later than early March it should go. „I pushed for a fixed Appointment, waiting for a Information for reimbursement by the health insurance – Stressed but always I also pay privately would – and got a complete surprise on 5 March, a cancellation of the Uni- Clinic. Clip and clear, but without notice. Why, I still do not know. “ The 47-year-old was shocked: „Speechless, disappointed, angry, desperate – And for two days in length. „Then they knew that it forward look had. „So I started new opportunities to . looking „and knew it, that world not Many clinics indicates the stem cell transplantation for MS patients . offer „In the U.S. studies are underway in phase III (note d Editorial: From Phase IV is a drug allowed) – Priority in Chicago -, For the However, only patients with a specific MS in question coming I have not. The clinic in Australia takes only Australians, the clinic Canada only Canadians, a Clinic in Only Sweden Sweden or Norwegians. To India I wanted out of the various Reasons not to go. “ Success was the ill-MS Halveranerin in Tel Aviv Israel. „The local professor Shimon Slavin works since the 80’s the field. „He examined Melissa Scholz ‚reports and other documents and gave his OK for the Therapy. Five to six Weeks Melissa Scholz on Sunday from home be gone. „A Girlfriend with me. Then comes my mother flown from the USA, it solves and then flies off back with me to Germany. It means me a lot of scary, the All share with someone, I lean and to hold, because There is some very serious Days pass, especially after chemotherapy. But I see the whole thing like a Tunnel, and look forward to the Light at the other end. “ In Tel Aviv they must first some studies can endure. Then you will Stem cells taken from before their immune systems are almost completely shut down is. Subsequently be it their frozen Stem cells by infusion returned. „This Day is considered the day 0, my second birthday. And it I am already huge. On this day I get my future back. “ Until the stem cells again in the bone marrow nest and their „work“ Pick up, it takes ten and 18 days. During this time – about Endorses the Halveranerin not in front – the side effects of chemotherapy full strike. Once again they have enough white blood cells has in their blood, they will dismissed and, after Fly home. Two to three Months they will continue to extremely vulnerable immune be. One thing she knows: „I will never be completely free from be the MS damage – for I have the disease for too long. But I I hope and believe that the Downward trend finally stopped I can be and a significant improvement can be expected. 15 years I have long hoped only, but never really believed that there is a way enter from the MS. “ A stem cell transplant is generally very expensive. Since Melissa Scholz treat now abroad leaves, their Health insurance at no cost . take Assistance her parents, who immediately pledged, to support them financially, they can the 75 000 € muster. „I want this therapy . make She is my only Opportunity. And I Now so many people around the world met, the on this manner have to be treated, I am confident to do it. 2012 my year. “ Melissa Scholz their treatment in Tel Aviv with a Internet blog at http://www.rausausderms. support.

Stair climbing as an obstacle: without the stem cell It would be only a matter of time before the ill-MS Melissa Scholz would sit in a wheelchair. Photo: Clever


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