Verfasst von: melscholz | 29. April 2012

Happy, almost euphoric!

Yesterday … Jennifer’s birthday celebration first, then we went out for a farewell dinner at Tastevin in Halver. The night was, to be honest, short and restless. I’ve never been as tense before as in the last 2-3 days. Sonja and I set off at 5 and when we arrived at the airport at 6.15 … SHOCK! (My friends came to the Cologne Airport for a surprise farewell) But I’ve never had a more pleasant shock! You’re all so crazy and so sweet!

The flight was uneventful, next to us was a young woman in a wheelchair with 3 Tennis rackets.. We learned that she it is wheelchair-tennis-pro player, but as she looked pretty grouchy, we didn’t ask more questions.

We went through passport control and security (no problems, very relaxed and friendly) and on the other side there was Yoni waiting for us! It was so great to see him again.

We picked up shekel from the ATM and Yoni drove us to the hotel. He came in with us, helped at check-in. The „room“ – actually a small apartment – is the on the 13th floor and super nice.

Then we went to the hospital with Yoni in the 20th floor and I signed in. The people with whom I have had over the last few weeks so much e-mail contact, suddenly had faces and they immediately hugged me. This Israeli warmth, openness and friendliness is second to none! Yoni was also impressed by the friendliness and professionalism – and somewhat relieved to know that I am in good hands, he added. 😉

Tomorrow at 11, I have a consultation with Professor Slavin and then we’ll set the schedule.

I took pictures, but unfortunately at the moment can’t get them upload and I don’t have any patience right now because Sonja and I are hungry and are taking at taxi in a minute to go eat in Yaffa.

More tomorrow – ALL IS AND WILL BE GOOD 🙂



  1. So far so good. Melissa wir denken an dich und wünschen Dir weiterhin alles alles gute Caroline und Andreas.

  2. i just got back from Holland have read all the info. Will be thinking about you over there. Keep smiling. love from Elaine XXXXX

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