Verfasst von: melscholz | 1. Mai 2012

The consultation – April 30th

Sonja woke up refreshed this morning and joggen to the bech and put her feet in the Mediterranean Sea – pretty cold, still she said.

We had a goid breakfast in the hotel – lots of yummy things to choose from.

The much awaited consultation with Professor Slavin was at 11.

Professor Slavin and me!He is a wonderful, intelligent, compassionate, focussed man. He examined me thoroughly, made videos and then explained the various options for treatment that are available for me. I have decided to stick with my original plan – autologou stem cell transplant with additional bone marrow aspiration to collect MSCs to cryopreserve for ssible future use.

Following that, they took the fisrt (of many, I know) blood draw. Everyone is happy because I have such „beautiful“ veins. So am I because that means I won’t need a permanent port.

Samira is the head nurse, she and I will discuss the schedule tomorrow.

Sonja is such a great help with all of this – I don’t know what I’d do without her-

SONJA is really great!

SONJA is really great!

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