Verfasst von: melscholz | 3. Mai 2012

Tourist today, patient tomorrow!

The indestructible Sonja managed to rent a car with a workung GPS and we took a day trip to Jerusalem. It’s amazing how close the cities are geographically compared to how far apart they are in lifestyle. Tel Aviv is modern and bustling, Jerusalem is old, home to three religions and more reserved. I like thgem both!

Even though 5 years have gone by since I was in Jerusalem, I was still able to find my way around a little. We drove to the Mount of Olives, which has a super view of Jerusalem and wandered around the Old City near the Western Wall.

I suspect that Sonja has Israeli blood in her veins. She had no trouble navigating and dealing with the somewhat different driving style. We had hoped to go to the Dead Sea, too, but the GPS would not cooperate, so we headed back to Tel Aviv and went to the beach there.

Tomorrow the treatment really gets started – and it looks like this for next few days-

4 days of subcutaneous shots of G-CSF (Neupogen) twice a day to stimulate the blood stem cells to move out of the bone marrow and into the blood stream.

And 4 days of subcuaneous shots of Campath, a chemo drug that will destroy the lymphocytes, that are incorrectly „programmed“ and cause the MS.

Side effects are bone pain, like when you have a flu which you can take Tylenol for and possibly some nausea. I’m sort of looking forward to it because it will be „happy pain“ -I know what it stands for.

In the afternoon I’ll have lung testing done and the only side effect is that I will be out of breath for a few minutes, which is the whole idea.

Of course I am a bit nervous/excited but especially after a day like today in Jerusalem, I know why I’m doing this and look forward to reaching my goal.



  1. hi mel
    i know i am a bit slow sometmes, but i hope from the bottom of my heart that everything works the way you want.

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