Verfasst von: melscholz | 5. Mai 2012

Ho hum or maybe not?

It kind of seems like nothing much happened today but then again…

As of yesterday I have been taking all kinds of pills and giving myself shots as preparation.

  • Resprim – antibiotic twice a day
  • Zovirax 800 antiviral 3 times a day
  • Alloril 300 1/day to protect my liver and kidneys
  • Omeprazole 20 2/day to protect the lining  of my stomach.

I’m doing two subcutaneous shots a day of Neupogen 30, which is growth factor to induce the stem cells to move out of the bone marrow into the blood stream so that they can be collected by apheresis on Monday.

I am also receiving a daily shot of Campath (a chemo drug) in increasing doses of 5,10,15 and 30 mg to destroy the lymphocytes which are causing the MS.

Not surprisingly, I had an allergic reaction one of the above. I showed the red spots to Dr. Nadir this morning and he gave me Lorano and had me stop the antibiotic and the Alloril.

By the way, the sabbat begins Friday at sundown which means that Friday is equivalent of our Saturday and Saturday is the equivalent of our Sunday. All stores and businesses, as well as many restaurants are closed and the busy city of Tel Aviv becomes pretty quiet.

It’s great that the people at the clinic have given me an Israeli cell phone for the time I’m here, as well as their own cell phone numbers. That means I can reach them 24/7 -and they can reach me, too. Dr. Nadir and I phoned today and he made an extra trip to the clinic to give me my shot.

It’s great staying in the hotel and having the clinic upstairs. This way I don’t have to spend 5-6 in a hospital bed, eating hospital food 3 times a day (no offense meant -it’s gotta be a huge challenge), etc. Sonja & I can gab the evenings away, go for a walk, sit outside at the café. And when I need it to be there, the clinic is only an elevator ride away and  on the weekends, the doctors only a phone call away.

Unsere Bleibe und Klinik links, Übergang in der Mitte, das Tel Aviv-er Krankenhaus rechts

Here you can see how close the hospital is – I was there for heart and lung tests, so I already know my way around a little bit. And if something serious comes up that needs 24 hr. observance, they will admit me immediately.

Sonja and I decided today that she will stay here this weekend. She has an appointment in Munich on Sunday and the plan was that she would fly to Munich on Saturday and back on Monday. But since things here are different every day and a bit more „exciting“ than we anticipated, she has cancelled her appointment and is going to stay.

I must admit that I’m relieved. The idea of being alone for a couple days kind of unnerved me, we just don’t know how the side effects will affect me, espeially with the increasing dose of Campath. It’s great that she is doing this for me. And with good friends, you can do just about anything. Thanks, Sonja 🙂



  1. Good morning (afternoon there)….just drinking coffee and reading your blog…you are one strong, brave woman…know it is not as easy as you make it sound…cheers to you and the awesome Sonja!

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