Verfasst von: melscholz | 6. Mai 2012

Now we’re mask-keteers!

Things are getting serious… (and that’s good)

When we arrived at the clinic this morning, we were ushered into Dr. Nadir’s office, where he gave me my final shot of Campath -the highest dosage, 30mg and us face masks. We have to wear them now whenever we are in closed rooms other than our hotel room. Especially in the clinic itself. My immune system has been shut down (ablated) enough now that we have to be very careful that I don’t catch any germs.

Since you can’t eat through a mask, this morning was the last of the hotel breakfasts. We did a good shop at the supermarket next door and will have no problem filling our stomachs in the room.

I felt good most of the day and we did go for a walk around the block and enjoyed the Mediterranean gardens. As the day went by, a headache and bone pain slowed me down and I took some painkillers and rested. But it was no big deal, really.

Tomorrow is apheresis! That’s the stem cell collection by a machine that filters your blood, similar to dialysis. During the 4-5 hours the process takes you can’t get up or move your arms but other than that, it’s easy going. It’s important to drink a lot and eat well beforehand. I can hardly believe I’m this far now.  A good step towards reaching my dream.

Two friends of mine, Elin and Kevin are also doing HSCT for MS right now, Elin in Sweden, Kevin in Chicago. We’re the three MS-keterrs. I’ve listed their blogs, in case you’re interested.

Kevin had apheresis on Thursday and 10.7 million stem cells per kg of bodyweight were collected (2 million is the minimum needed) , Elin is having apheresis at this moment. I wish the two other MS-keteers the best on their journeys to end their MS.

PS Sonja and I are betting how many stem cells will be harvested tomorrow…anyone want to bet with us?

PS Sonja und ich haben getippt, wie viele Stammzellen morgen bei mir gesammelt werden. Wollt ihr mittippen?!?



  1. Don’t believe all of it. The beginning is ok. But some sentences are a lot more positive than I experienced it. Not that I had headache nor body pain, but without painkiller Melissa would have written something totally different 😉

  2. My bet about the stemcells is 6 Mio. Why? Well: she took 6 books to Tell Aviv, that all have a 6 in the title, so it’s obvious!!!

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