Verfasst von: melscholz | 8. Mai 2012

Feelin‘ groovy – even without an exact number

Well, now you’re going to have to be patient, too. Dr. Nadir doesn’t have the number of stem cells that were collected yesterday yet and doesn’t want to tell me anyway (don’t ask me why). Maybe Samira sees things differently and will give us a hint tomorrow. It’s all just fun anyway – „they“ want a min of 2 Mio stem cells/kilo body weight, Elin and Kevin each had over 10 Mio per kilo, so I’m not worried a bit.

Today was a day off – off of (almost all) drugs, off of shots, off of head and bone aches. And after a quick check-up visit to the clinic, WE were off!

We went for a nice, long (at least for me) walk, then Sonja hit the beach on a bike and I read and relaxed in the room. That was just plain good.

Then we hopped in a taxi and went to Dizengoff Square, where we washed laundry, perused a flea market and window shopped. Dr. Nadir wants me out in the fresh air as much as possible, which is kind of nice. We noticed quickly though, that I didn’t have much energy left after the BIG WALK this noon, so we headed home, had some dinner and are now enjoying an easy evening, early to bed -since I have get up early for my bone marrow aspiration tomorrow at 7. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow because if I get into it now, I won’t be able to fall asleep and that would be stupid, right?

T-Shirt from my wonderful kids!



  1. I’ve been riveted by your journey and really enjoy your keeping us up to date. I’m looking forward to hearing about how the bone marrow aspiration goes (and of course, I can’t wait to know how many million stem cells per kilo you got!).

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