Verfasst von: melscholz | 15. Mai 2012

Hello and Goodbye

Sonja showed Mom how to get to the beach for her daily walk and shell seeking forages this morning. There aren’t a lot of shells to be found here on the shores of the Mediterranean but I’m sure that won’t keep Mom from trying 😉 And in general, she did a great job of „training“ Mom to be a good babysitter. The list of do’s and don’ts is pretty long…well let’s say the list of don’ts is long.

Mom and I bid Sonja farewell at noon and she took a taxi to the airport and is now having a well-deserved rest on the plane -I hope!

We proceeded to investigate the shopping center and supermarket, then took a taxi to Dizengoff Square to do laundry. All in all, I think Mom is „up to snuff“ already and will be a big help next week when things start to heat up. And we’ll see what we do with ourselves until then…



  1. You should come to Ceasarea’s beach you will fined shells there for shure!! and I think that a great weekend to come is your last and our first in Israel 🙂

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