Verfasst von: melscholz | 17. Mai 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Just realized that I never put this one into English…

The subject of „hair loss“ has occupied my thoughts, and while it would be nice to say „It doesn’t matter to me“, that wouldn’t really be true. About 2 weeks after the chemo, the hair will fall, as Samira says.

It appears that most of the men who go through HSCT have less of an issue with losing their hair than the women do. Maybe that’s because men are confronted with the possibility of losing their early on. (And baldness in men is more „socially accepted“ than in women.

Two thoughts help me get the right perspective o n the upcoming „loss“ – which is actually a huge gain:

1. MS has unabashedly taken so much from me already (and given me some things, too, but more about that side of it separately), that now i will voluntarily give up my hair to it. But that’s it. That’s the last thing this disease is going to get from me.

2. My old hair had MS, when the new hair grows in, it won’t!

With a good, strong psyche, I trooped off to the hair dresser’s today…


And now, my hair will stay like this until it falls out.


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