Verfasst von: melscholz | 20. Mai 2012

Day -2 :-) a good day!

The day was good…

In the clinic at 9, had a urinary catheter set (which wasn’t bad at all) and then I was given fluids intravenously – first two liters of saline, the second with anti-nausea medication, then came the third liter with Cytoxan, the chemo, then 2 and a half more liters with a diuretic. It was just lie there, read, chat, snooze.

Have to say, it was nice not to have to run to the toilet all the time with that amount of fluids!

They weighed me before and after, counted the input and the output and then it was already 4pm and I headed back down to our room. We’re making something delicious with chicken for dinner tonight and that’s good – I’m hungry! Then I’m going to turn in early – but not before I’ve skyped with my kids!

Wow! Day 0 is right around the corner! Thank you for all your support and good wishes – gives me strength and it’s just nice to know you’re out there 🙂

A good saying for today…

Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality



  1. Wish you all the best, just beat the MS 🙂

  2. Liebe Melissa,
    wir drücken dir für morgen gaaaaanz fest die Daumen und sind in Gedanken die ganze Zeit bei dir (ich hab das schon mit meinem Chef abgeklärt:-) Schließlich wollen wir doch auf der Kirmes zusammen einen trinken, oder 😉
    Peter und Ingrid

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