Verfasst von: melscholz | 23. Mai 2012

Day 0 – Happy New Birthday! -English

Had a good night’s sleep -it’s easy to do if you go to bed early. And the chemo side effects suddenly disappeared.

After carefully having half a crcker a swallow of water for breakfast, we headed up to the clinic.

First the usual – weigh, blood pressure, temperature, blood draw, 2 liter IV of saline, anti-nausea IV -took a good two hours.

Then Asharof pushed a trolley with a big cardboard box in. When he opened it, fog tumbled out – liquid nitrogen cooling my stem cells on their journey from the freezer to the 20th floor. Elaborately packed, they began to remove and thaw the stem cells.

And one afetr another, I received my stem cells back, 4 packets in all. The infusion is attended and watched much more closely than others – after all, it is a transplant, not just an IV.

But nothing unusual happened.

And that was that -almost anti-climatic but it was wonderful!

My Mom brought a birthday cake as a thank you for everybody in the clinic and when we got back to our room, she had balloons and birthday candles for me 🙂

I laid down for a minutes and that’s when the tears came -of relief, because of this Day 0 and what it stands for. It has not been easy, to be honest, over all the years, to keep positive, living with this degenerative disease and never for a minute, thinking that there would be a solution. I am so incredibly joyful now. My wish is, that other people, who have a „tough row to hoe“ will see that it is worth to keep positive and keep fighting for yourself.

My appetite returned this evening and I carefully had a couple more crackers and some juice -and it all stayed down! The next 10-12 days we have to watch out for my health. The stem cells need time to get back to work and rebuild my immune system. There will certainly be some tough days ahead but more and more I’m sure:


  1. Happy Birthday, Melissa!

  2. So incredible happy for you, Melissa! Join you tomottow 🙂 Elin

    • And I can’t wait to have you in our exclusive club!!! Big fat sterile hugs to you my friend!

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