Verfasst von: melscholz | 23. Mai 2012

Day +1 – English

On the outside I’m doing just fine.

Had a real meal again this evening -chicken and pasta, feel pretty energetic, headache is gone and had a hgood Skype with S&J.

On the inside, they discovered some blood in my urine this morning, which they don’t like because one of the side effects of Cytoxan is hemorraging of the bladder. The treatment? Fluids. So I got 2 liters intravenously and was sent to my room, with orders to drink 4 more! (Remember the joke about the Indian who drowned in his tea pee?!) And call Samira with a report at 8. All was fine -and everybody relaxed. they had already called ahead and prepared for me to go to the hospital just in case. It’s very reassuring to see how attentive and preemptive all the clinic emloyees are.

And then, a bit of a disppointment. My return flight is booked for the 4th of June. But after going over things with Samira today, it seems that the 10th is more realistic. Originally, the plan was 5-6 weeks but that didn’t encompass the 10 day break in the middle. It’s too bad because I already miss my kids like crazy but, as they say, looking back…and so on…it’ll be alright and definitely worth it 🙂


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