Verfasst von: melscholz | 24. Mai 2012

Day +2

Well, what should I say? I feel good. ***SMILE*** And I’m happy for every day that I do.

This morning clinic, blood draw, pee-pee check, everybody was very happy with me. The only command for the day: Drink 5 liters! Which of course restricts my striking radius…you’ve got to get rid of what you consume. (Sorry, if I seem to be rather urine-fixated at the moment but that’s the way it is and I do want to be honest. 😉 )

„On the road“ a bit -down to the reception and some window shopping but then my energy left me and we went back to the room for a nice long lunch break.

Afterwards we went to the supermarket and got our shopping for the sabbath done.

Mom said today that for the last 2 days I have stunk! Thought about it for a minute and then it dawned on me. There is a preservative mixed in with the stem cells before they are frozen and after the reinfusion, the stench of it is given off by your whole body. You don’t smell it yourself (as so often in life) but your poor co-habitants! The good thing is that the smell goes away after about 24 hours.

My appetite has returned with ferocity – if it keeps up like this I’ll end up weighing more when I leave than when I came!

America meets Israel: Burger in Pita (lecker!)

America meets Israel: Burger in Pita (yummy!)



  1. You looked great on Skype today, so glad you are feeling good. I have some more comments but I will be discrete and reserve them for our next phone conversation!!

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