Verfasst von: melscholz | 25. Mai 2012

Day +3 -Friday, May 25th

Everything is „running“ just fine.

I will now officially admit my nickname. Dr. Nadir gives all HSCT patients nicknames and I swear, he really doesn’t know who’s meant if you use the real name.

Ok. Here it is… I’m called Pissalot.

Once everyone has recovered from their laugh attack, I’ll continue.

Big appetite, no fever, small walk, nice visit from Tom & Dana with ice coffee, good noontime nap. (Could get used to that)

Which of course I am happy about. But more than that, I’m happy that my two co-MS-keteers, Elin ( and Kevin (, are doing well, too. They are meeting the challenge with humor and bravado.

An example of Elin’s creativity today (one day after her Day 0) follows…  hope it’s legible, the pic is of Elin and her husband last summer



  1. Thanks, Melissa:) Inhave cleared the photo with the photographer:) BTW“ its only And you know, Pissalot, you should have gone for the urine cathether 🙂

  2. Excuse me, I believe that’s PRINCESS Pissalot, no??

    • Does Mom tell you EVERYTHING???? xo

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