Verfasst von: melscholz | 29. Mai 2012

Day + 7

Guess I somehow managed to play hooky from blogging yesterday.

Full of shame and regret, I vow to improve, starting right now…

Yesterday started with a thorough exam and blood draw. Since my „yellow“ counts are back on track (no blood in my urine), I’m officially off the hook and allowed to drink like a normal person. (Normal means normal, I was instructed, not MS-normal, since MSers never drink enough to avoid having to … all the time and so on.)

The blood counts show that I am now neutropenic, which means that I have a very low count of neutrofils, which are certain kind of white blood cell. And that is, so to speak, the whole point of what we are doing here. Now we just wait for re-engraftment and the stem cells to start producing new white blood cells to rebuild my immune system.

As I’ve already said abot a thousand times I think, that means that I can very easily catch anything and everything and I continue to be hyper-careful.

What’s new s that for the last 2 days or so, I have been so wiped out and weak. My walks are getting shorter and shorter – maybe a couple hundred meters (yards) max with Johnny Walker pitching in. I’m also easily out of breath, which is actually kind of fun since I haven’t had that happen to me in years – my legs always give out before I get winded. But again, being weak and winded is normal for this stage and will improve once my blood counts come back up. Some of the fatigue will stay with me for months due to the chemo. Hours of doing basicaly nothing and sleeping like a world champion -no problem at the moment…my kids would never recognize me. Mom says she guesses I have about 30% of my normal energy level.

What’s absolutely great is that she is very understanding, we get along great and there’s enough room here for us to hang out together without driving each other crazy.

On top of that, there are signs…

-My purple foot and cld left hand have almost completely disappeared

-I’m less heat sensitive

-My fingertips are tingling instead of just being numb

-The tip of my nose is NOT tingling -which is great because that always makes you feel like you have to sneeze

-My coordination is better -it takes me fewer attempts to get those (stupid) plastic packs for deli meat and cheese pulled apart -sometimes I even succeed first try. Yay! But that doesn’t mean I’m going open yours for you…

These are small things, yes, but a big deal in two ways-

First of all, they are stupid small things that can and have driven me crazy on daily basis -and would have just gotten worse over time. Of course, it teaches you to be patient with yourself and, by proxy, with others, which is good, but still.

Secondly, these first mini-improvements are an early but good sign, that HSCT with chemo has stopped the progressin of the MS and provide a good basis for the hope that my symptoms will continue to improve over rhe next months and couple of years, as my body  has time to recver from the auto-immune attacks it has ben subjected to over the last 15 years. 🙂



  1. YAY!!!

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