Verfasst von: melscholz | 31. Mai 2012

Day +9 English

Well, yes, I’m dealing with disappointment today.

Blood draw at 9, results at 12. Wasn’t the start of re-engraftment after all. -My slightly elavated temperature yesterday just served to head  my thoughts down the wrong path.

My leukocytes (neutrophils, for those who are „in the know“) are down to 100, normal range is 1500 and up. Which expains why I am flat out out of energy. It’s not a problem, I just couldn’t care less about getting off my bed.

However, I did make it to the bookstore, to replenish my reading supplies. There’s a new Donna Leon/Commissario Brunetti out, so I grabbed that, which lifted my spirits some.

It seems definite now that I won’t be „released“ until next Thursday, the 7th, at the earliest. Not on this coming Monday, as I had (not too) secretly been hoping.

My thrombocytes, or platelets, which are responsible for blood clotting among other things, are at 64 thousand. That’s low, but still in the okay range. If they drop below 10 thousand, I will receive blood transfusions to pick the numbers up again.

To help my leukocytes recover more quickly, I was given a subcutaneous shot of Neupogen today. People often get bone aches from Neupoen, as I did the first round but I seem to be tolerating it well this time.

My Mom was up nice and early this morning, took a tourie bus to Jerusalem and will be back this evenng. She sure is adventuresome for 77! Since my get up and go has done plain got up and went, it just didn’t make any sense for me to go with her. Once she fixed enough food to ban all danger of me starving during her absence, she left and I had an enjoyable enough, quiet day here. I’m sure she will love Jerusalem as much as I did when I was there for 3 days 5 years ago and I’ll be sure to post a picture here when she gets back-


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