Verfasst von: melscholz | 1. Juni 2012

Day +10 -English

Still waiting for Godot…um, I mean, engraftment. Another shot of neupogen today to encourage neutrofil growth, blood test on Sunday. Nadir came in and unlocked the clinic on the Sabbath evening just to give me my shot. Everybody takes  their work and its success so seriously.

You can tell that I’m neutropenic, more correctly have low thrombocytes because even little bumps that I hardly notice leave pretty decent sized black and blues. Which is why I’m not supposed to do rough and tumble sports …as if I wanted to!

Of course it’s a pain to just hang around here and have no energy. On the other hand, I am so grateful about how good I feel and never expected it to be this way. Feeling bored and just hanging in there is a true luxury problem. No infections, no fever, no hospital – that’s a good batting averge so far!

It will all be fine. I certainly don’t mean to compain, just want to show that it’s not all easy all of the time.

Comparing the pic of the sunset on the day of my apheresis with today’s sunset illustrates pretty well how long I have been here… (yes, they were taken from the same window 😉  )

In both cases, a gorgeous sunset over the beautiful  Mediterranean Sea 🙂

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