Verfasst von: melscholz | 2. Juni 2012

Day + 11 -English

Umweltfreundlich in Israel

They have white canisters on the roofs here everywhere – to heat the household water. And solar panels to provide elctricity. There are even great big ones on the roof of the hotel. Not a problem in a country where the sun shines on a daily basis.

Today my hair is dropping -I had almost forgotten about that part of this all -but like a precision time piece, 13 days after chemo, it started.  The same was true for Kevin and Elin but since they had Cytoxan instead of Campath at the outset, they have already been dealing with their bowling balls for two weeks.

It started last night, with a tingling and itchiness on my scalp. Sort of like when you -accidentally, of course- wait too long to wash your hair.

We were invited to a great party this afternoon. One of our former exchange students, Yan, is home for five days between trips to Germany and the USA (where he’ll be working at a Jewish summer camp in Penn. and then travelling.) It was all organized -who would pick us up, bring us home, etc. but I ended up cancelling. I’m just too weak, worried about catching something or tripping and hurting myself, have some bone pain from the neupogen and so on. Really too bad but it just didn’t make sense.

We finally managed to watch a DVD and this evening, to make me feel better, Mom treated me to a creamie. Shabbat is over when the first star appears in the sky and then a lot of stores reopen. So she was right up there in line and we agreed that we haven’t had creamies for ages and that they really hit the spot!

Here are two pics from the hotel business lounge on Shabbat … 😉

Sign on the coffee machine in the left picture

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