Verfasst von: melscholz | 3. Juni 2012

Day +12, English

Today is the first day of the week here in Israel, and as with our Mondays, it’s a busy day.

First, around 9, (getting kind of predictable), was a blood draw and general check-over/check-up -blood pressure, temperature, weigh-in (I’ve somehow lost almost eight pounds although I’m eating like a horse), general well-being questions and a physical exam. All fine, within the norms.

Two hours later the blood test results had arrived and Dr. Nadir wanted to see me again. His greeting was „You are still down, very down.“ Which, although it would have been nice to hear differently, was no real surprise. He had two shots for me in store – neupogen again to encourage neutrofil growth and Eprex (erythropoetin) to encourage red blood cell growth. Seems to me that even Dr. Nadir is starting to get a little impatient with my stem cells -although things are still within the norm timewise.

Tomorrow they will draw blood again to see if anybody in my marrow, veins and arteries is starting to become active, otherwise I’m sure he will hit them with a couple more shots.

We then did a big grocery shop and ran errands – from buying „minutes“ for my Israeli cell phone, to finding a birthday, something from the pharmacy. Being able to run all these errands right here downstairs from our room and yet in a foreign culture, language and alphabet makes this stay here easy and challenging at the same time. We’ve been here long enough, some people in the shops recognize us and give us a tenative smile.

Oh, and something else in the shopping center – a hair dresser. Since Samira had lent her shaver to someone who never returned it, she asked to borrow one from the hair dresser. We ended up just staying there and he buzzed my head for free. Seeing the expressions on the faces of the other customers and employees, while I sipped a Coke as my head got shaved, was priceless!


For me it was just plain great. My hair had started falling out in bushels today and my scalp itched like crazy. I took a shower and rubbed lotion on my dry scalp -now it feels fresh and cool. So much better.

See below for final results…

Sometime after all the hair excitement,I oticed that my fingertips were balck and blue. A quick trip in the elvator to the clinic, and Samira confirmed that it is slight hemorrhaging due to my low platet counts. Something to keep an eye on but not to really worry about …just be careful, stay out of trouble and so on. Which of course I do, all the while perfecting my patience skills…All is well!




  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait until our next Skype! Which won’t be tomorrow I don’t think since I am taking Dad to eye doctor in the am. If we get back early enough maybe I will try to reach you, will call first to see if you’re up for it. LOVE YOU LOVE YOUR SMILE keep up the good work my brave sister XOXO

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