Verfasst von: melscholz | 7. Juni 2012

Day +16 – Time to say Goodbye -English

Today we’re flying home..well, home for me, Germany for Mom.

Turned out that things moved quickly at the end after all.

Yesterday was blood draw and regular check up – all fine…It’s kind of like going to the eye doctor’s, after a few times you know what numbers and letters they want to hear & see & in what order. 😉

However, at first, there was talk of maybe leaving Saturday, or maybe on Monday. I accidentally shed a few tears when I said that I really missed my kids, they missed me and I just wanted to go home. Once the blood results came back, Nadir said „Ok, you’re up enough, you can go, anytime“ (Yesterday’s numbers were wbc 5.5, neutrofils 3.5 and I’ve already forgotten the rest -but it was all sufficient for travel.) Before they let me out the door, I did get an IM shot of vitamin B12, which aids in cell division, blood formation and the nervous system.

Excellent! But is was actually a shock at first. I was afraid someone would come around the corner and say „Oh, no, Melissa, we’ve changed our minds“ …Seems the emotional damage from being rejected by Heidelberg lingers on and has made me less trusting.

I had already rebooked our flights last week for today, which turned out to be a stroke of good luck. And I didn’t have to re-rebook as I had feared. We got started packing, organizing, etc. When you’ve been somewhere for 6 weeks, it adds up. Emotionally, it’s not going to be easy to say goodbye to everybody. It’s going to be SO great to be home but the people here have been so wonderful and helped me through some tough times. It’s all so familiar now, too.

One more blood draw today (little vampires, I swear!) and another shot of Eprex (little masochists, I swear!), a letter for my doctor in Germany with last lood results and follow up procedure (3 more months of aciclovir and regular blood tests to make sure my baby-immune system grows back healthy and sound) and I’m good to go.

On the plane early evening, wear a mask, get home around midnight and then snore with a smile 🙂



  1. Glad to here that and welcome home.
    Good luck from Belle & Rolf

  2. Hi Melissa, super that you are coming home so soon. Will call you this coming week. We`ve been following your progress and it sounds really good. Our regards to Mary and we`ll see both of you soon. Love Belle & Rolf

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