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Day +21 – June 12, 2012

My second birthday was three weeks ago today. Looking back, time really does fly. Still, after being in Tel Aviv for 6 weeks, saying goodbye was bittersweet…

Waiting for engraftment after the reinfusion of my stem cells seemed to take forever. Now I look back and it doesn’t seem that long after all. Getting through those 6 weeks without a hospital stay, an infection or a fever was pretty terrific. I attribute this not only to the amazing employees in the clinic and a certain amount of good luck, but also to my Mom and Sonja, who took it all seriously, followed directions to a tee and were such wonderful supports to me.  T H A N K S !!! 🙂 -That may only be 6 letters, but there is a basketful of hugs and kisses and smilies behind each one of them.

Since Day + 16,  5 days in all, I have been home and it is great to be here. Who would have thought that I  would miss „little old Halver“ so much? Doing perfectly normal errands and everyday things again is so much fun right now – going to the supermarket, picking the kids up from school, getting gas, making dinner, a trip to the building supply store.

It was a great homecoming. The return flight was smooth, people along the way showed us where to go to skip lines, helped us manage our carry-ons and Johnny Walker. It just took huge amounts of self discipline not to check my watch any more often than every 10 minutes – I was so impatient to land!

At the airports the kids practically knocked Grammy and me over when they saw us come out of baggage return/customs/immigration. What a joyful reunion!

Neighbors and friends had weeded the garden, planted plants, Sam mowed the lawn, others had bought groceries to stock the fridge, baked cakes, brought flowers, cards, called, stopped in for a quick (sterile) visit, Jennifer hung up balloons and make a big sign. You all made it a very special homecoming for me.

And medically, by the way, I’m doing fine, too. Definitely not at 100% of my normal energy level -closer to 50%, I’d guess. The chemo makes  it seem as if I don’t have a 14 gallon tank anymore, maybe 3 gallons. And when I run out of gas, I have to take to the couch for an hour or so to recharge.

Aciclovir three times a day for the next three months as a prophylactic measure against viruses, check my temperature twice a day to make sure I’m still in the 98 degree group. Other than that, a blood draw once a week to evaluate that my counts are coming along as they should. In enclosed rooms with lots if people, I’m still wearing the mask, whoever comes to visit has to wash their hands well and I only give virtual or „just-barely“ hugs. The bald head is nice and shiny.

It will take 3-4 months until I reach the 14 gallon capacity again (my energy/strength level is back to what it was before HSCT.) Probably I will only notice small improvements in my MS-symptoms until then. My kids say they think that I am already moving more stabily and confidently. The greatest improvements should take place between  6 and 24 months after Day 0. Exactly what and how much only time will tell. The protective coating (myelin) on the nerves needs time to rebuild and then we will start to see, which symptoms/damage were caused by the broken down myelin sheath and which damage is actually a result of damage to the nerves themselves. But the most important thing to me is that the progression has most probably been stopped. 🙂

As of now, I’m only going to report here once or twice a month. The most exciting part of HSCT is over. Although, actually it may be that the most exciting part is just starting – recovery! Getting my future back.

Thanks so much for all the encouragement and support from so many sides. It really helped and made me feel better, stronger and more confident especially during those streches where it wasn’t all easy.

Lenny Kravitz sums it up for me at the moment with „Stand“…

Home Sweet Home 🙂



  1. You can tell:
    The hapiest flower is sitting on the steps.
    Glad that you are fine at Home Sweet Home.
    Belle & Rolf

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