Verfasst von: melscholz | 6. Juli 2012

6 weeks post HSCT status

Overall, I am so happy to have done HSCT and to be recovering so quickly.

Here’s an update of how I’m doing:

Still “wiped out” from the chemo (1-2 naps a day)

Hair just starting to grow back.

Easily get impatient with myself – want more improvement, faster and am still afraid to trust that my MS has really been stopped, afraid it might be only temporary improvements and that the progression will start up again in a few months.

Yesterday was hot and humid, ending with thunderstorms and I noticed some of my typical weather symptoms – less strength in legs, somewhat blurred vision, weak in general, fatigue. Not nice reminders of not nice MS, which is why I sat down today and made a list of the improvements…


Can walk up and down stairs without holding on to railing. (carefully)

Sometimes sleep through the night without having to make a bathroom run.

Voice tremors gone –according to friends.

Can clap on time to the beat at chorus rehearsals.

Buttoning buttons is easier.

According to my neuro “cog fog” is better –straighter, clearer thinking and expression of thoughts. Gait not as wide legged.

Can pour from a bottle into a glass without having to stop all conversation and concentrate, using two hands.

Can carry a full glass across the room without spilling.

Holding a pen and writing is easier/better.

Typing on computer keyboard is faster.

Problems swallowing are gone.

Able to stand on one foot and alternate back and forth rhythmically. (That’s almost what dancing is, right?)

Walking and moving more quickly and confidently.

Sensation in fingertips (and overall) improved.


It may seem strange but I have to remind myself that this is already so much more than I ever thought possible just a year ago.

It’s been 4 weeks today that I have been home. I am back to doing everything I was before -driving, running errands, physical therapy, having friends over for a barbecue, chorus, weeding, cooking etc. Plan to start working again in September.

My quality of life has improved by leaps and bounds. It is still new and almost unbelievable to me that my MS has been stopped.

An amazing realization that leaves me close to speechless:




  1. Hallo Melissa,

    ich bin erfreut zu hören welche „neuen“ und soweit „zurückliegende alten“ Erfahrungen du gerade machst. Ich freue mich wirklich sehr und wünsche dir täglich weitere tolle Erfahrungen, die den Heilungsprozess begleiten. Ich verfolge sehr interessiert und voller Neugierde deinen Weg. Genieße jeden Augenblick auf deinem Weg. Fühl dich gedrückt,


  2. Yup, future regained! 🙂 -Dao

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