Verfasst von: melscholz | 4. September 2012

Pellets warm the house -and the heart!

A little anecdote that really brightened my day –and maybe it will brighten yours, too…

The nice guy who delivers the wood pellets for my furnace was here today (for the first time since last fall) and commented as he came through the door “Oh! Short hair! Looks good on you!” I smiled and said “Thanks, it’s a long story.”

After the kids and I had finished lunch and cleaned up the kitchen, I walked (carefully!) across the lawn; down to the driveway to say a real hello and offer him a cup of coffee. Before I got there, he looked up and said “Wow, you’re moving well! Better than last time, I’d say, if I didn’t know better.”

…need I say more?  (except THANKS a million gadzillion, GEORGE!)

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